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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tennessee Southern Railroad Locomotive - Loretto, TN

Tennessee Southern Railroad Locomotive

A few years ago, Tennessee Southern was what made me learn about Short Line railroads. I was in Columbia, TN and I saw a red and blue train coming my way, and I was perplexed to see anything other than CSX. Then I saw the name Tennessee Southern and I wondered if it was some weird holdover hybrid of the old Tennessee Central and the Southern Railway. It wasn't. It's a short line.

Tennessee Southern is today owned by Patriot Rail Corporation, and this photo was taken where the train runs through Loretto, TN - a small town in Lawrence County.

Their website explaines where they run today.
"The Tennessee Southern Railroad began operation in July of 1988 on former Norfolk Southern track in Florence, Alabama. On February 1, 1989, the TSR began operation on the former CSX Transportation track running from just north of Columbia, Tennessee to Pulaski, Tennessee on the old N & D (Nashville and Decatur) Main from Columbia, Tennessee to Florence, Alabama on the old NF&S (Nashville, Florence and Sheffield) Main. The TSR interchanges rail traffic with CSX Transportation at Natco, Tennessee located just north of Columbia, Tennessee. Additionally, we interchange with all inland barge lines through our Port Facility at Florence, Alabama, where we transfer freight to or from barge traffic on the Tennessee River."

Tennessee Southern Railroad Locomotive

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