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Thursday, September 10, 2015

See 7 States from ROCK CITY - Pulaski, KY

See 7 States from ROCK CITY

See 7 States from
near chattanooga, tenn

This looks to be an old convenience store that that was painted as part of the Rock City barn-painting advertising program. This is in Pulaski Co., KY just north of the town of Science Hill on Highway KY 1247. (the nearest cross-street is Etna road if you try to find it on a map).

KY1247 is also the old U.S. 27. Back in the day, anyone travelling south from Lexington or Cincinnati going to Chattanooga or deeper south would pass by this store, which obviously hasn't been open in years.

This store is becoming "reclaimed by nature." You can see that the walls of the building are red brick and on the side facing the camera, is an old spray-painted message of "Ice Cream" and "Cold Drinks." Below those words, where the building looks gray, is a place where the bricks have fallen off and you can see some of the wood frame. The front of the store facing the street is on the left.

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