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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cooter's Place Dukes of Hazzard Museum

Cooter's Place Dukes of Hazzard Museum

Cooter's is located in Music Valley, the touristy area of Nashville near Opryland Hotel. With another location in Gatlinburg, the Dukes of Hazzard Museum is owned by Ben Jones who played Cooter Davenport on the show. Of course, what everyone wants to see is outside the museum as the General Lee is on display along with Cooter's tow truck. One more fun fact: Ben Jones was a U.S. Democrat Congressman from Georgia after being on the show.

Cooter's made the news recently. With the Confederate flag controversy following the recent South Carolina church shootings, many people have called for the flag to be taken down from various places. Defenders of the flag say it represents Southern pride and heritage, but not hate. Jones issued a statement where the flag was not going to be taken down from any of these Dukes of Hazzard museums.

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