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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tracks of the Ocoee River Flume

Tracks of the Ocoee River Flume

If you've ever driven along US64 where it parallels the Ocoee River, you might look across the river on the other side of the bluff and see a wooden trough way up high. Constructed in 1912, the main part of the flume carries water from Ocoee Dam #2 to the Powerhouse about five miles away. Atop the flume are tracks to help get the TVA employees from one side to the other, but it was also useful for carrying when sections of the flume had to be rebuilt. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Ocoee structure is the only flume line in the United States used to produce power. This photo was taken from the dam near where Ocoee rafters get on the water.

For the story: www.knoxnews.com/business/flume-repairs-under-way

For some video: youtu.be/PjZkDJRA05g

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