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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Carroll County Courthouse Prayer on the Square - Huntingdon, TN

Carroll County Courthouse Prayer on the Square - Huntingdon, TN

The 1844 courthouse in Huntingdon was used until 1931 when it burned down. This courthouse, which was began that same year was modeled after (or influenced by) the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. The architects were Hart, Freeland and Roberts of Nashville and the cost was $100,000. With a Neo-Classical design, it features a pedimented portico at each main entrance and engaged pedimented poritcos at the two sides. Extensive renovations were completed in 1981.

There used to be a time where I'd go to photograph something like a courthouse and my goal would be to get as little human evidence as possible in the shot. (No people, no cars, etc...) Over the years, what I have come to realize is these buildings are not relics of a bygone era, but an important public meeting place, whether it be for a local festival, political rally or for a religious event as it was on this day. To avoid such things would cause me to miss out on the true spirit of the county.

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