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Friday, May 30, 2014

In the News: Lake City, TN to become Rocky Top, TN

In the News: Lake City, TN to become Rocky Top, TN

The powers that be in the small Anderson County town of Lake City, TN have decided to change their name to Rocky Top, TN. The thinking is that by having the name Rocky Top, they could be a new tourist destination with museums, theme parks and gift shops galore in the town that's just a county away from Knoxville.

There's one snag in their plan: The copyright holder to the song "Rocky Top" filed an injunction to have the name not available to the city. Yesterday, the judge in the case ruled that the copyright holders couldn't demonstrate how their copyright is being violated with a town's name change. Here's the whole story: www.wate.com/story/25633342/injunction-to-keep-lake-city-...

I expect the next time I'm driving US25W through the area that there will be a new sign for the town.

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