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Friday, February 14, 2014

The Gravesite of Daniel Boone

The Gravesite of Daniel Boone

One of America's most storied pioneers, Daniel Boone died in 1820. In 1845, he and his wife Rebecca were reinterred here at Frankfort Cemetery along the edge of a bluff such that it overlooks the city of Frankfort, the Kentucky River and the Kentucky Capitol Building. However, after the body was moved, there has been some discussion that the wrong grave was dug up and all or some of the wrong person's bones were moved here.

If you decide to visit the gravesite for yourself, Frankfort Cemetery has made it easy as they painted a yellow stripe along the road to lead you straight there. Once there, you will see the monument which was erected around 1880 with a small fence around it. On each side of this monument is a white marble relief panel with a vignette of his life. In one panel, he is having a conversation with another pioneer, a second panel shows that he's killed a deer. Rebecca gets her own panel as she is seen milking a cow. One unusual note is that Boone is depicted wearing a coonskin hat, which is what Davy Crockett was known for.

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