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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Unnamed waterfalls seen along the old Dixie Highway in the Winter

Unnamed waterfall one seen along the old Dixie Highway

When the founders of the Dixie Highway were planning their route from Nashville to Chattanooga, one of their biggest obstacles was deciding how to get over or around Walden Ridge. One method was to go around the ridge completely by placing a bridge over the Tennessee River. Eventually, they chose the river option with the building of the Marion Memorial Bridge. However, the original route crossed over the ridge along a route that today is known as highway TN27 or Suck Creek Rd.

While undertaking the difficult task of constructing a road down the east slope of the ridge, they were mindful of their surroundings. Suck Creek Road follows the path of Suck Creek as it drains down the side of the mountain. I'm sure this creek has multiple spectacular cascades, rapids and plunges but only the most adventurous outdoors people might ever be able to fully explore them. Luckily, the view here didn't require much effort.

There are a couple of wide pulloffs along the highway to stop and see some smaller trickles. The day I took this picture, it was in the winter on the day after a heavy rain so I really don't know if this is something worth finding year round or if it is more of a wet weather falls. The water seen here eventually goes into a pipe underneath the highway and eventually drains into Suck Creek.

Unnamed waterfall two seen along the old Dixie Highway

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