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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Faded Wall Ad for Falls Business College in Downtown Nashville

Falls Business College

This ad is high up on the side of a building along 8th Ave in downtown Nashville. I had driven past it several times without seeing it. I only did see it when I was a block away. I had never heard of the school but I got these comments from Flickr users who told me more about it:

Flickr user damoore324 said:
Fall's Business College was a business oriented technical school in the early 70's. I went to school there in 1971 studying computer programming. There was also a computer operations course and a fashion merchandising course. I can't remember the address (it was a long time ago). I was back in Nashville in the early 2000's (I can't remember which year); and I saw that the building was being torn down. It was located in between a homeless shelter, a tire dealer, and a small restaurant. This was a couple of blocks to the right of Church street past the post office downtown. I don't know if it is in business still under Fall's name or if it went under.

Flickr User Mary Keen Sloan added this:
I attended Falls Business College at the NW corner of 8th and Broadway in May 1956 thru February 1957. Took a general secretarial course, studying typing, English, shorthand, bookkeeping. Had already had these subjects in high school, except bookkeeping. On first floor was Waldrum's Rexall drug store, with a soda fountain and also booths for seating. The business school occupied the second and third floors. No elevator. We entered the stairwell from the Eighth Avenue side, climbed stairs to the school. No air conditioning either. I remember tall floor fans in some classrooms. Soon after I finished school, my husband and I left Nashville for his job, so I don't know what happened to Falls after that time. I suppose that old city directories would tell how long they stayed at 8th and Broad.

Do you have any memories you'd like to share?

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