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Monday, April 1, 2013

It's Baseball Season!

Guitar scoreboard for the Nashville Sounds

While I always hope the Titans and the Predators do well, baseball has always been my favorite sport to watch. While I'd have friends who wanted to skip school/work during March Madness, It only crossed my mind when the baseball season starts. (I never have, I don't believe.) In Middle Tennessee, most baseball fans seem to root for the Braves, but there's a fair number of Cardinals and Reds fans out there.

And then, there's the Sounds. Major League Baseball flirted with putting an expansion team here in the 90s at a time when Larry Schmittou ran the Sounds. But nothing happened and every year Greer Stadium seems a tiny bit more outdated. Nashvillians were willing to support a tax increase to build a stadium for the Titans, but not for a new downtown Sounds ballpark. (The downtown ballpark subject even came up in the first episode of ABC's TV Show Nashville.) Until something develops, we've still got this cool Guitar-shaped Scoreboard.

This photo was taken during the 2005 playoffs, the year they won the PCL Championship.

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