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Friday, August 5, 2011

Blurred Motion Seattle Wheel at Dusk

Blurred motion Seattle Wheel at dusk 1

The Williamson County Fair opens today and runs through next weekend. The Midway rides are provided by Drew Expositions, and in the past they have brought the Seattle Wheel, a ride first developed for the Seattle World's Fair. This Ferris Wheel spins faster than a normal Ferris wheel providing a free fall experience you normally don't get on such a ride. (Or so I've been told. I just photograph them, I don't ride them.)

Although this ride has been at the Williamson Fair in the past, I don't see this ride listed on their midway page this year - so if you want to go to the fair just because I've suggested you ride this, you might want to confirm whether it's going to be there this year or not.

This year's fair has a Western theme.

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