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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tennessee Electric Motor Company neon sign

Tennessee Electric Motor Company

This neon sign has something in common with yesterday's Walter Nipper Nashville Catfish. Sadly, this is another neon sign that is now gone, as the new Nashville convention center is going to be located where this building was. This photo was taken in 2007.

The Company part is replacing an older word. According to their website at the time, they had been around since 1936.

Rewinding? Like what? VHS Tapes? Odometers?


  1. The inner workings of a motor has copper wire inside to create the electrical field that makes the motor turn. Rewinding is repairing that copper wire winding.

  2. Now that you mention it, that does make sense. I think I remember learning about that in a high school science class. Thanks for the info.

  3. The sign is not gone. Tennessee Electric Motor Co is moving it to our new location at 121 Duluth Ave Nashville, TN 37209. We will post pictures on www.temsite.com once it has been moved.