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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Atop Lookout Mt.

Atop Lookout Mt.

Some Rock City barns are easier to spot than others. This one was likely painted decades ago. Since then, the roof has rusted so bad, that you almost can't see the faded letters at all. (Even still, you need to view it at original size just to see it.) In smaller letters, at the top in the center is SEE. Then in larger letters going all the way across is ROCK CITY. The R is covered by the tree, and part of the T and all the Y of the metal roof is missing. easier to read is: atop LOOKOUT MT. Chattanooga, Tenn.

This barn is on US Highway 41, south of Murfreesboro and barely in Rutherford Co. on the East side of the street.

Before interstates, if you were willing to drive up and down Monteagle, US 41 is the old highway that goes between Chattanooga and runs a mile from my house. (It actually connects Milwaukee to Miami.) This area is now much less travelled with the construction of I-24 in the 1960's. This barn was likely painted over 40 years ago.

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