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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Patrick Sullivan Saloon

Patrick Sullivan Saloon

Located in Knoxville Old City.

The railroad came to Knoxville in the 1850s and many businesses opened around the Southern Railway depot. A young Irishman named Patrick Sullivan started his saloon nearby and business was so good that he needed to expand with this building, a three story Victorian red brick saloon. Stories say that many notorious figures like Buffalo Bill Cody visited here.

When prohibition came to Knoxville in 1907, this establishment had to close. Over the years the building fell into disrepair and was used as a boarding house, a bordello and an upholstery shop. (if you look closely, the second story windows are painted with bordello-ish women.) In 1988, the business was reopened and the building was restored to its previous glory.

This building and much of Old City are on the National Register of Historic Places as the Jackson Avenue Warehouse District.

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